Rodent Control in Modesto

Bugs are not the only unwanted guests that trespass onto your property. When you notice rodent activity in or around your home, call Best Pest Management.  Our trained professionals are fully certified and licensed to handle almost any type of rodent issue. Depending on your preference, we can come up with a solution that involves lethal means of control or non-lethal relocation. 

Rodents infiltrating your home can range from being a minor disturbance to a major health hazard. Trying to handle an invader on your own can be risky, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to call our capable team to get the help you need to eliminate the trespassers and feel safe in your home again. 

Whatever your rodent control need is, call (209) 370-2324 or fill out our online form to schedule a free estimate. New customers can take advantage of our $35 discount special!

Signs You Have a Rodent Problem 

With our long hot summers and short winters, rodents and wildlife tend to thrive in the Central Valley. They venture into our neighborhoods because there are plenty of attractive areas to take shelter and find food. 

Watch out for these tell-tale signs of a rodent invasion: 

  • Droppings – While scavenging for food, these creatures leave droppings where they have been active. 
  • Noises – Rodents and wildlife tend to be most active at night when we’re all trying to sleep. It’s not uncommon to hear squeaking or scurrying in your attic, scratching noises, gnawing, or scuttling noises as they go through your outdoor trashcans.
  • Nesting sites – Clogged gutters, open trash cans, attics, vents, and burrows underneath your garden soil can all serve as areas for rodents to make themselves at home in your home. Urine, droppings, and gathered fabric or insulation are further signs they made a nest.
  • Footprints - Due to their scavenging behavior, rodents tend to get dirty and leave behind footprints. You may be able to tell by the size of the prints what type of creature you are dealing with. 
  • Holes and chewed wires – Hungry rodents will eat just about anything, even things that aren’t food. Rats are known for chewing on electrical cords, which can be a pose an electrical hazard.

Expert Rodent Elimination for Central Valley Homes

Our experienced team can get rid of the following rodent problems:

  • Mice: These small pests are known to infest homes in the winter when they need a warm place to stay. They can mate and reproduce quickly, which can lead to a major sanitation problem. 
  • Rats: The larger cousin of mice, rats can be very destructive due to their chronic gnawing habits. They are also a health hazard because they carry disease, contaminate food, and more.
  • Moles: Moles are destructive to lawns and gardens due to their burrowing habits. Without intervention, they can create a tunnel system that can devastate your yard with unsightly mounds.

Depending on the rodent problem you have, we can use baits, repellents, lethal or non-lethal traps, and exclusion methods to make your home unappealing to rodents. 

Call (209) 370-2324 today or complete our online form to schedule a free inspection and estimate!

“Best pest sent Brandon out same day! He did a thorough inspection, found 3 different entry points in our home that this rat may have used to get in. He set 2 traps , and placed a bait box. 5 hours later the rat was dead! Thank goodness.”

Diamond D.

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