Spider Control in Modesto

Spiders are a common household pest that can find their way into your home with relative ease. While most spiders are typically harmless and small, there are others that can be large, harmful, or even frightening. No matter the species, spiders can be concerning when they appear in large numbers and begin putting up webs in your garage, storage areas, or basement. Best Pest Management can help tackle spider issues both big and small across the Central Valley. We’ll help you find a solution that will keep them off your property all year round.

We will perform a detailed inspection and assessment of your property, pinpoint the reasons spiders are targeting your home, and present you with a customized solution. We use the latest and greatest in pesticides, techniques, and equipment to ensure our treatments are done quickly and effectively. Since 2018, we have served Modesto and the surrounding areas with high-quality pest control expertise while prioritizing friendly customer service. It’s because of our work ethic and commitment to excellence that we were voted Best in 209. Experience our difference by giving us a call.

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We Treat All Types of Spider Problems

As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of spiders that can venture into the home. Some are harmless but others can be dangerous. Even a single dangerous spider found in your house should warrant giving a professional a call. We have successfully eliminated many different varieties of spiders from Modesto homes and can confidently treat big or small invasions.

Some of the spiders we commonly encounter include:

  • Black widow spiders: Regarded as one of the most dangerous spiders in the world due to its venomous bite, black widows can easily be differentiated from other spiders due to their signature red marking on the underside of their body.
  • Wolf spiders: Wolf spiders can sometimes be confused with tarantulas because of their large, brownish-colored, hairy appearance. They are not aggressive and are known for living underground rather than spinning webs.
  • Cellar spiders: Nicknamed “daddy long legs,” cellar spiders have delicate legs and are relatively harmless but can be annoying due to their web spinning habits in areas of darkness and seclusion.
  • House spiders: As their name indicates, these spiders are commonly found in homes, particularly around the cooler months in search of a warm place to stay.

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Our Spider Control Process

Contact us: Upon recognizing a spider problem, give us a call. We will schedule an inspection visit to your home to get a better understanding of the problem. We will also examine the makeup of your home and any conducive conditions that are allowing the spider to thrive on your property.

Receive an estimate: Once we have completed a detailed inspection, we will discuss the custom treatment program that we deem will best treat the spider problem and provide an honest estimate of the treatment application. Once we get your approval, we will move forward with treatment.

Treatment: We come fully stocked with all the necessary products and equipment to effectively carry out spider control. This includes tools for knocking down webs, glue traps to capture hidden spiders, and pesticides for spraying cracks and crevices indoors and around the home’s perimeter.

Prevention: We can visit your home on a quarterly basis to perform repeat applications to keep spiders and other pests from invading. This will ensure spiders do not return. We can also carry out exclusion measures like sealing up points of entry around your home that spiders may be using to gain access indoors.

Experienced Spider Extermination in the Central Valley 

At Best Pest Management, we understand that spiders—especially the harmful ones—can make it hard to feel comfortable in your home. This is why we work quickly upon your phone call to schedule a prompt visit to tackle your spider problem so you can get back to feeling safe and protected. Our licensed and certified experts have developed proven spider control solutions that have helped many of our customers in the past, and we can do the same for you. When you call us, you really are getting what you asked for, the BEST in pest management. 

Call (209) 370-2324 now or schedule your free estimate online today. First-time customers can benefit from $35 off initial service!

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    “Best pest sent Brandon out same day! He did a thorough inspection, found 3 different entry points in our home that this rat may have used to get in. He set 2 traps , and placed a bait box. 5 hours later the rat was dead! Thank goodness.”

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